Migration tool - Problem creating ftp users and wrong path in generated shell script

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  1. Marco-A

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    Hello, we purchased the migration tool, and we are using ver 1.6.5
    We are doing a migration ispconfig3 -> ispconfig3 and facinf 2 problems:
    1- the ftp users are not created on the target machine
    Logs attached - ftp.txt
    The directory /home/websites/clients/client1/web1 is the SOURCE home directory, not the TARGET directory - the TARGET would be /home/websites/clients/client2/web5

    2- the commands_ shell file generated contains wrong path referring the source server.
    we are using /home/websites/ as root directory for sites instead /var/www
    Logs attached - path.txt

    Note: we tried to send a support request trough your contact form but we get a "Sorry, you have been blocked" error page (Cloudflare Ray ID: 33d5b6bb40430e00)
    Thanks for your help

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  2. till

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    Please contact the Migration tool support by email to migsupport [at] ispconfig [dot] org.

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