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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fraginhell, Dec 6, 2005.

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    Hi Guys.

    I must say I'm very impressed with the HOW-To's and the control panel, great work, I was planning on having to all do the admin for my home server by hand but this will save me some work...
    I'm using Cent OS 4.2. I followed the how to for Fedora Core 4 but had to change a few things mainly yum instead of apt and had to install some zlib rpms but apart from that all ok. Everything installed ok, but I cannot get to some pages in the control panel as the admin. Under system config->settings and all the server pages I get page cannot be displayed.
    Does anyone have an pointers I can look into, I'm using https, and it askes me if I want to display pages in both secure and non secure - I say yes and get the page cannot be displayed error.

    Help please...

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  3. fraginhell

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    Fantastic - thank you very much, I was accessing the server via internal network so was using an IP address. I setup a DNS entry and hey presto all is working, no changes needed. Thanks very much for your help, I hope to post some information regarding server security at some point for cent os/ redhat / fedora. It would be nice to put some thing back.

    Thanks again for the help, and so quick too..


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