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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by u4david, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. u4david

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    I did some search but its scattered and confusing to me as there is multiple files and options to "skin this cat".

    So i figured since I'm running ispconfig3 the best place to ask is here.

    I run in to this having sub-domain and trying to install elgg on it.
    and i get 401 errors.

    For now( what actually worked better from practical view).I created the sub domain as separate website.This way it gets its own web root and database.......ftp accounts...ssh account

    Now i would like to get the mod rewrite working and begin to understand the fundamentals of this future.

    I have few sites that will require mod rewrite to work properly.
    Can someone shine the light on this subject?
    In context of Ispconfi3 server:

    ?How to enable it?

    ?What files are used to configure it?

    ?Is configuring it on whole server level best approach or .htaccess files in each web site is better approach?

    ?How is mod rewrite working?where it looks first and what expects to find to present us with working rewrites?

    ?Does correct rewrite configuration works hand to hand with the "R" option when making selection under domain or sub domain redirection?

    Thank you
  2. till

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    Mod rewrite is always enabled on a ispconfig 3 system if you followed the perfect server guide to install your server. There is no additional configuration needed, just add .htaccess files in your website directory or put the rewrite rules in the apache directives field in ispconfig.

    For details on mod_rewrite, take a look here:

    If you want to install a cms system that uses its own .htaccess files for a subdomain, make sure that you always have to create a new website (domain) for it instead of adding it as subdomain to an existing site. Otherwise the rewrite rules of the subdomain rewriting will conflict with the rewrite rules of the cms system.

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