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    I'm using capistrano to deploy to a number of virtual servers administered through ISPConfig. Capistrano keeps around a number of deployed versions around and uses a symbolic link to point to the currently active version, which is the only publicly accesible one.

    What I did, thus, was to remove the immutable attribute from one of the users' directories and did the following modifications:

    - Created a new "deploy" directory to be used by capistrano, to avoid using "private" for this. I did the capistrano setup over this directory.

    - Replaced the "web" directory with a symlink to deploy/current

    - Added the deploy directory to open_basedir through ISPConfig

    - I also moved the "stats" directory (webalizer) to capistrano's shared directory so it gets symlinked into deploy/current/stats.

    I then added the immutable attribute back again.

    Everything seems to be working just fine, but I'm afraid that in the normal operation of ISPConfig there might be some maintenance/update procedures that could break with the rearranged structure. Do you know of any problems I might run into in the future because of these changes?
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