[Module development] How to correctly find SSL certs path?

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    Good morning,
    I'm developing Varnish module for ISPConfig. Currently, to detect SSL path, I do this kind of code inside function update($event_name, $data):
    if($data['new']['ssl_letsencrypt'] == 'y'){
        // It is a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate
        $key_file = $data['new']['document_root'].'/ssl/'.$data['new']['ssl_domain'].'-le.key';
        $crt_file = $data['new']['document_root'].'/ssl/'.$data['new']['ssl_domain'].'-le.crt';
    } else{
        // It is an ordinary SSL certificate
        $key_file = $data['new']['document_root'].'/ssl/'.$data['new']['ssl_domain'].'.key';
        $crt_file = $data['new']['document_root'].'/ssl/'.$data['new']['ssl_domain'].'.crt';
    This works but I'm not sure if I do it on the best way. Is this correct? Is there a better way to achieve this? Does ISPConfig has a mechanism to send SSL certificates path directly to plugins?
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  2. till

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    That should be ok like this.


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