Monit and Munin with ISP

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Poliman, Jul 25, 2017.

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    i'd assume your currently using a self-signed certificate for munin and monit, if so, you're getting the blank screen because it can't display any messages asking if you want to trust the certificate. if you reconfigure it all to work using plain http, or replace the self-signed cert with a valid trusted certificate then it should display everything ok.
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    Yea, You have right man. I have self-signed, because it's virtual machine. I tried to test both before implement them on production, which has lets encrypt ssl, so there this feature should work.
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    For mine, I used the same LE ssl certs as my ISPC since they are only opened in ISPC.
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    Where to setup ISPC LE ssl certs for Monit/Munin?
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    For monit you can refer to this. Basically, the tutorial you refer to already covers munin with https by putting it under ISPC port 8080. So, if your ISPC already using LE, your munin should be secured with LE already.
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