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  1. wDalmer

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    Hi All

    Last two weeks, I set two ispConfig, last release one.

    One is management server for customers, second is Email server.
    Mail server is for one customer, named customerONE. I want to allow to access to monitoring for this customer, and want customer see only email server not whole servers. Now custormer see Mail server ond main management server.
    In the near future I want t add next Mail server for new customers.
    So in fact it will be in this design:
    Main ISP server -> acces for customers
    MailSRV01 -> customer with access monitoring anly for this server.
    MailSRV02 -> customer with access monitoring anly for this server.
    MailSRV03 ..
    Is it possible with IspConfig ?

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    There is currently no option to assign a whole server to a customer to let him access the monitor module for his server only.
  3. nhybgtvfr

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    unless you're looking at really large companies as customers, or really small servers, i don't see the reasoning for having a mailserver per customer.
    that said, if you have a single shared mailserver for some customers, and individual mailservers for specific customers, make the shared customer the default mailserver in ispconfig, and make it the default in the limit templates most customers get, then create new limit templates for each individual mailserver and apply each individual template to the customer for that mailserver.

    as for monitoring. you can't limit access that way in ispconfig as Till said.

    you may be able to with M/Monit, i've never tried it with multiple users, so can't confirm that logins can be restricted to viewing specified servers, but you can get a free trial, so coulld be worth looking into. in the worst case scenario, you could give the customer the login to the monit install on their assigned mailserver.
  4. wDalmer

    wDalmer New Member

    Thank You for quick reply.
    I'll try Your solution.


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