Monitoring Server Performance

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    You can monitor your system's Web performance quite easily with graphical Linux tools. You'll learn how to use several in this chapter, including MRTG, which is based on SNMP and monitors raw network traffic, and Webalizer, which tracks Web site hits.

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    I did not have the time to test this yet, but I found another good link to a mini how to mrtg for debian:


    maybe someone can use it / test it ;-)
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    i like the smart monitoring system monit ! Maybe something to try...
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    I'm using Munin on my Debian Sarge server.. Easy to setup, after reading this.
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    yes, it is both munin (and monit) and falko's tutorial are great.

    I am using munin (and monit) too

    phpsysinfo and mrtg also :)
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