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  1. _pX_

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    What is the best scenario to move working site (~2 TB of messages) to stronger hardware? Want to avoid unavailability of services.

    Should I involve ISPConfig Migration Toolkit or any other way (e.g. multiserver)?
    Is there somewhere HowTo/FAQ available?
  2. pyte

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    Are we talking a hardware server or is this a VM?

    To move from a standalone setup into another one or from single node to multiserver the migration toolkit will be your best bet.

    // BTW, i think this is the wrong section in the forum for such an question. Maybe someone from the team can move it
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  3. _pX_

    _pX_ New Member

    Yes, maildata.
    Yes, it is a hardware server.
  4. pyte

    pyte Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Ok so depending on your needs you can either go for a single node setup again or use a multiserver setup. If you opt for a multiserver setup there are a few more things to consider and plan out.

    I would virtualize the system in this process too so you don't run into hardware limitations again. Easier said then done, as this depends on what options you have available.

    You should ask yourself a few questions:

    -> Do you host on bare metal or virtual machines?
    -> Do you need redundancy?
    -> Do you need seperated Geo Locations?
    -> If you opt for redundancy how does it work in cases of an failure?
    -> Do you plan to use the same IP adresse for the host as before?
    -> Do you plan to use the same DNS names for the new system(s)?

    Depending on what you require there are a lot of things to consider
  5. _pX_

    _pX_ New Member

    I was thinking about going to multi server installation but I think I will try to move the installation to new, single node server and maybe than buy a new machine and move to multiserver for redudancy - cause the existing server is very old.
    We already rent bare metal server and will stay on it as VM gives us nothing - the configuration on this machine is not expandable. Also the server is quite powerful so probably we will not hit the limits soon.
    We use it only for email service as websites were moved earlier to separate VMs.
    New server will have new IP.
  6. pyte

    pyte Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    I would then plan out the new setup directly as a multinode setup otherwise you will have to migrate from the new single node later once again.

    That's Ok. I was just asking because there are some alot of comapanies that run there on virtualization clusters.

    In that case you need to think about how the migration will happen as you need to change the MX records of all domains that are served by your server. It's not "hard" to do this, but you need to plan things out for your own setup too make sure a migration goes as smooth as possible
  7. _pX_

    _pX_ New Member

    Thank you, this is very valuable information for me.

    I am aware of MXs...
    I was installing ISPConfig long ago so probably will go for the "dry run" to check out multiserver installation and Migration Toolkit as I'm not familiar with it.
  8. pyte

    pyte Well-Known Member HowtoForge Supporter

    There are plenty of guides for both in the tutorials
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