Move installation to another server after crash

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Nyx_, May 21, 2024.

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    Hi Folks, Good day.
    I hope you're doing good.

    I've spent a long time on the forum searching about this but could not find a good way yet.

    I had a server with ISPConfig 3 installed and running, small installation, about 10 domains and 20 email accounts. That server had a hardware and it doesn't boot anymore, however the disk/storage is intact. I need to move the ISPConfig to another machine, old was ubuntu jammy, now it is with debian bookworm. What is the best way to transfer the ISPConfig settings to the new machine preserving as much as possible?
    How should be the most effective way to transfer the databases, webserver files, mailboxes, ssh/jailkit config, dns, etc, etc, etc to this new machine, maintaining it integrated with ISPConfig? I have a ISPConfig 3 backup file from minutes prior the crash as the installation was just upgraded to 3.2.11p2
    I'm also open to suggestion on how to perform this in a most effective way...

    Thank you.
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    I am wondering, you know the storage is intact and seem to be able to access the data.
    Why not clone the data onto a new system? No need to make such big changes, unless you wanted to switch anyway.
    Probably worst case then would be, a need to change the host IP and maybe hostname but not mess with all the migration
    in such a situation, this should be done well prepared and not in a hurry ( imho ).

    And if you can access both systems in a memory/temp/rescue system
    create raid array / format disks
    rsync data
    prepare & chroot on new server data
    install / update bootmanager
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    Hi. Thanks for the reply.
    Well, I'd like to take the chance to upgrade the base OS as well, in that case, what is the best method to "transfer" the ISPConfig if it's interface is not accessible, only the filesystem?
  4. Taleman

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    I would put the disk on a good computer and boot it up there.
    If you want to get to new version of OS, get a new host and use ISPConfig autoinstall to install ISPConfig there, then use ISPConfig Migration Toolkit to migrate all data from old system.
    I do not see the point in transferring ISPConfig file system to somewhere. Much hassle and probably needs lots of tweaking to get it working.
    Less hassle would be using disk image copy, like Clonezilla, to copy the disk image to another disk. This requires another host with empty disk where you can clone the disk image.
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    In addition to that, migration from 2 running systems has been documented and a lot of questions answered.
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    Thanks a lot Folks. That's helpful.

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