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Discussion in 'General' started by nhybgtvfr, Mar 14, 2016.

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    i'm just wondering what's the best way to move a user and their sites from one webserver to another one in a multi-server setup.

    i can change the user's default webserver in the control panel and new sites will be created on the newly appointed server, but that does nothing about any existing sites.
    do i need to delete them in the control panel and recreate them on the other webserver?
    is there no way to just change the hosting webserver in the control panel and it creates vhost files on the new server?
    the webserver's have shared storage so i don't want to actually delete the site if possible.
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    You can change the server_id for the website (don`t forget the ftp-user) in the database and change the website or resync all websites. this writes the config and the directories on the new server. just copy the content from the old to the new server and change the dns.
    It`s not possible to change the servername. I don´t think, it´s a bug - more a feature. Otherwise you could change the server for a website but if you missed the steps it won`t work. ;)
    Same for mail and databases. But this could be done for dns (but this reuqieres some additional code)

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