Move /var to new drive on Debian Etch running ISPConfig

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by McMadd, Jan 11, 2008.

  1. McMadd

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    I'm running a Debian Etch server (build according to the Perfect Setup HOWTO) with the latest ISPConfig and recently added a second (bigger) hard drive.
    Now I want to move /var to the new drive but obviously there are lots of processes accessing the dirs in /var constantly.

    What would be the correct way to move /var?
    How can I identify and stop those processes?
    How can I be sure I've stopped them all?
    Any suggestions on a new entry in fstab?

    Some other remarks that might be helpful:
    - I have no problem with a bit of downtime during the move.
    - Please keep in mind I'm doing this remotely (ssh).
    - Apart from the default "Perfect Setup" I also did this howto: "Server Monitoring With munin And monit On Debian Etch"

    I hope anybody can guide me in making this a seamless move...

  2. falko

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    I'd create a new directory on the new hard drive, move everything from /var to that new directory (please make sure you preserve the permissions) and create a symlink from /var to the new directory.

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