Moved Server; Changed IPs; Problem with DNS recognizing Domain name

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Dimitriy, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Dimitriy

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    Hello Everyone!,

    I have moved a succussefull setup of ISPConfig to another location maintaining the same equipment (same firewall, same routers).

    Only change is IP and service provider. Originally had cable with Comcast with IP of 24.xx.xx.xx but now the current setup is Verizon DSL running on a IP of

    The steps I have taken:
    1. Changed the Godaddy settings to reflect the new IP address for both my nameserver ( and my website (
    2. Changed the ISPConfig settings to reflect the new IP address settings for both the domain names.

    And at the moment I am stuck at the following: Whenever I access the website ( I get the "Shared IP" page.

    As for as I can see the changes I have made have been fully successful. However it would seem as if the port 53 (netbios if I'm not mistaken) doesnt want to come through. but...

    Even if I set a hosts file to point the domain names I get the it to the shared ip page. Ideas?

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  3. Dimitriy

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    Simply changed the IP settings for to the private one. AKA the only place where you can select a IP address for a drop down list.

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