Moving from DataCenter & Re-Organizing servers.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Larry A. Rider, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Larry A. Rider

    Larry A. Rider New Member

    I currently have in production a ISPCONFIG multiple server setup with 11 servers.
    They are all KVM virtual machines.
    I want to move them all to a new datacenter (VMWare) and at the same time, prepare a new clean install and re-organice the current setup.
    I was thinking of using the ISPConfig Migration Tool to do the job, but I do not know what is the best or more recommended setup for the new servers (OS, mail server, etc.) to make as easy, fast, and trouble-less as possible the migration.
    Keep in mind that it is a production system, and downtime should be as small as possible.
  2. tvlahovski

    tvlahovski New Member

    Hi Larry,
    Just an idea. If you already have the new environment up and running (running on the VMware), then it would be much easier to "switch" from the legacy to the new environment. Of course, there will be a downtime (DNS updates at least to say).
    Is the new OS the same?

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