Moving from ISPConfig v2 to v3

Discussion in 'General' started by Fairbanks, Apr 8, 2014.

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    I’m migrating a bunch of clients, domain, web sites and a few resellers from my ISPConfig console v2 (running off an OpenSuSE) to a new separate box with ISPConfig v3 (running CentOS 6.5).

    Most of the environment is pretty much static except for one site which I can freeze for a weekend. I have to switch the whole environment using only one “external static IP” to the internet.

    I can recreate the new server client by client, site by site, etc in advance. I was thinking that I could just change my internal IP from one server to the other once I'm done, leaving only one server connected to the network at a time to avoid name server conflicts.

    This would imply that I would have to send the new web_x account info to each user prior to the move, unless I can force the numbers on the new box within ISPConfig 3.

    Is this the best I can do or is there some other approach that would be easier on everyone.



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