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    In my experiences it would be best to go ahead and update the old box to the new version of ISPConfig or install the old version on the new box. Same version transfers are usually less trouble. Beyond that, just dump your entire database, move the files, restore database, and you are basically done.
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    I read in another post that mysql version need to be identical for transfer. In my enviroment both servers use different versions of mysql.
    So will I get problems when doing a dump and restore or when just copying what's within /var/lib/mysql...

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    Apparently I just finished soemthing impossible: I moved from an "old server" running ISPConfig 2.2.29 to a "new server" running 2.2.37.

    I had to do an emergency recovery of a crashed server. I was able to backup all SQL databases in a dump and to perform an backup as described here
    Afterwards I installed ISPConfig 2.2.37 following
    Having done this I restored all data an got an error message "The requested document type does not exist." each time I tried to change any user or website settings inside ISPConfig. So I reinstalled ISPConfig 2.2.37 and the problem was solved.

    Sometimes one has to post a success story just to say thank you to the developers and all forum contributors!
  4. klaus++

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    Using mysqldump and mysql on the command line or phpmyadmin there shouldn't occur any problems. You will have to take care not to mix up codepages. If you get scrambled special caracters you will find additional informations in in these forums and in the Mysql doc.
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    Yesterday I migrate to a new server using information I get in this post. All is running fine now, so this is another success story.

    I am not an expert at all, but I would like to share this little "how to" have made using contributions I have read here and on others places. I have no doubt the migration can be done better but at least this way worked fine for me.

    I have ISPconfig 2.2.37 running on debian 5.

    I did not created the Postfix transport to forward emails to the new server (should be added to this howto).

    Of course I am not sure there is no error, you do this howto at your own risk.

    If you see something have to be added or corrected, please let us know.

    I hope this will help some of you.

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    Hi Falko,

    a huge thank you for this fantastice howto that helped me loads.

    Being in the process of moving my ISPConfig 2 installation to another server (which is going to have the same hostname.domainname, just another IP address), I was wondering if there is a way to create a transport that

    ...sends every mail to the IP address of the new server (as described) delivers the mail locally, as Postfix always used to.

    By this means it wouldn't be an issue how long the DNS transition of the domainnames would take. Mail-wise, the two machines would always be in sync.

    Could you give me a pointer on how to confure a postfix transport that would do exactly this?!

    Thanks and regards,
  7. Ovidiu

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    Can this advice be used to migrate from Debian Lenny ISPCFG3 to Debian Squeeze ISPCFG3?

    What is the easiest way to sync emails? I mean keep them in sync for a few days until the MX-records become active?

    and btw. if I am using the method described here to import: I get an error. Right now trying to find a way to import the dump.

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  8. falko

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    No, this is for ISPConfig 2, not 3.

    I'd use imapsync:

    Please open c1zice.sql. There seems to be non-SQL syntax in it, like
    Warning: The option '--all' is deprecated and will be removed in a future releas

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