moving mailboxes in a multiserver setup

Discussion in 'General' started by host-it, Dec 10, 2014.

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    I need to move mailboxes for some domains, between two mail servers in a multiserver setup,one is the
    existing master server and the other is a new mail server.

    I had planned on the following.

    1.copy /var/vmail for the domains in question.
    2.Update the dbispconfig database tables on the master server as follows
    In mail_domain change server_id to the id of the destination server.
    In mail_user update the server_id to the id of the destination server.

    Will this work or are there any other references that need to be changed?
    Will the corresponding tables update on the new mail server automatically?

    If i could move this way it would be very easy not messing with passwords etc,just changing the hostname on the email clients.

  2. did you make this work? I'm just about to do the same.

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