Moving RAID with LVM between Physical Machines

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    I have two identical phsyical machines in respect to hardware. I have already migrated all of my services from the one machine to the new production machine.

    I am now migrating my backup device which is an external RAID enclosure connected via eSATA.

    Within the RAID enclosure are currently three drives configured in a RAID5 array. I have successfully moved the enclosure over to the new production machine and have restored the array within mdadm.

    The problem I am struggling with is accessing the data on the RAID5 array as I had LVM on top of the RAID.

    I tried using a pvcreate command and I obtained the following error:

    [email protected]:/mnt# pvcreate /dev/md1
      Can't initialize physical volume "/dev/md1" of volume group "lvm-backup" without -ff
    [email protected]:/mnt# pvcreate -ff /dev/md1
    Really INITIALIZE physical volume "/dev/md1" of volume group "lvm-backup" [y/n]? n
      /dev/md1: physical volume not initialized
    I tried using Google and the pvcreate help to see what the -ff option is really doing. However, I didn't find any great help.

    There are two logical volumes, each 500 GB on the lvm-backup volume group.

    How can I successfully incorporate these into my existing LVM setup?


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