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  1. craigfanman

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    Hi I'm running a multi server migration and just want to check i'm doing it right (since it takes about 24 hours to do a full migration...)

    So original setup:


    New setup:

    So my plan is to migrate

    slave2 -> slaveB
    slave3 -> slaveC

    and not touch the masters. is this correct? they will pull in all the clients etc from the slave?
  2. till

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    ISPConfig Migration tool: When the master does not host any data (website or mail accounts) and runs just the ISPConfig interface, then the migration tool needs just to be run on the slaves that host the data. When you run the tool on slave2 and Slave3, then let it connect to the new master, the tool will show you a list of slaves (SlaveB and SlaveC) that are connected to the new master (A) then and you can select which of the new slaves shall be the target system.
  3. craigfanman

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    ok yep I get it that makes sense, thanks very much for your help

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