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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Solaiman, Oct 27, 2016.

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    At this moment I have a server where I have installed ISPConfig and another server that I use as Database Server. I can create Databases and Users through the Control Panel on the other servers and that works fine. But my problem is that I can't get the APS installer to work. It doesn't create a database on the other server because the website is hosted on another server. It works fine when I select the server where ISPConfig is installed on as database server. But that's not what I want. As example I try to install WordPress but nothing shows up at all.

    As you can see in the screenshot I added this is my current setup. I try to install WordPress through the APS installer but the database should be stored on the database server. That doesn't seem to work at this moment and that's what I'm trying to fix. But I don't know where I have to look.

    I followed this manual btw :

    I hope someone can help me with this because I really like the product and it would help me with the project i'm doing at this moment.[​IMG]
  2. Solaiman

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    Can someone help me please? Or at least tell me what i'm trying is not possible to do. I just want that the APS installation is stored on the Database server. Because I have the site hosted at the first server (Webserver). And the APS installation (WordPress) works if I also use the first server as Database server. Otherwise it doesn't work. If you guys want some more information you can say it and I will provide it :)
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    I think, that you can't use a remote db with the packages from the aps-installer.
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    Oh so what do you recommend as other way around? Or is there no other possible solution?
  5. Jesse Norell

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    The other way is just what you said worked for you, ie. keep the database on the webserver node. Other solutions would be to install your package manually, including setting up the database on the remote db server, or to fix/enhance the aps installer to work with a remote db server.
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    I'm facing the same issue; having isolated a mysql-cluster in a different lan, ISPconfig does work fine, but there is a problem with those apps that try to connect to the remote DB (which is not meant to be directly accessible over the net).
    @till Can you advise about this? Has something evolved since 2016? Would proxying the whole mysql-stuff be a decent solution, either haproxy or iptables? Or is there an easy & nicer sollution?
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