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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Leon8, May 2, 2015.

  1. Leon8

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    Hi all, first fotgive me if my questions are too dumb. This is the first time I use ISPConfig.

    I want install ISPCONFIG on Debian 8 and setup multi servers as below:

    Server A - Panel Server + Master DNS Server (NS1) + Client Front End (with ISPConfig Billing)
    Server B - Mail Server
    Server C - Web Server

    My questions:
    1. If I setup 1 database server (Server D) and turn off "DB Server" service from Server A, B & C. What are stored in that Server D database server ? All clients database + zone records, all mail database, all web database ??

    2. I cannot find tutorial for multi server setup without database server. Is it required to have database server once you decide to setup multi server route ? Is it possible that every server has their own database ?

    3. Server A (Panel + Master DNS) and Server C (Web Server) are in one Data Center. I plan to connect Server A & Server C using Private Network since they are in the same DC. Is it wrong to do that ?

    4. Server B (Mail Server) at different DataCenter (latency ~ 200ms away). Is 200ms is still stable enough or will be problematic ?

    5. What are the best combination multi server setup ? latency between multi servers ?

    6. Is the billing module support multi servers ?

    Thank you
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  2. Leon8

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    Does database server means to stored website database only ?
    Anyone ???
  3. webguyz

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    Yes, Database server in the Server list is for storing websites db's. Every server in a ISPConfig multiserver setup has a MySQL DB, but those that are designated as DB servers also use their storage for customers website db data as well as the ISPConfig config.

    We usually put the webserver and db on the same server, easier to keep track of. Have separate Mail servers and DNS servers.
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