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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by webguyz, Dec 17, 2015.

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    I have a multiserver setup with 3 bind servers, one locally, ns1, and bind servers ns2 and ns3 are mirrors of ns1 and are at different vendors servers in different timezones (1 hour ahead). Made some changes this morning in ISPConfig for a domain and the change did not propagate to ns2. Went to CP -> Tools -> Resync and checked DNS servers and even after doing that ns2 still did not reflect changes. Did not see any errors in syslog. Waited a bit and then tried it again and then saw the changes I made earlier in the day, but not a test change I made 15 minutes prior.

    Starting to think that Bind use date stamp to see if any changes occurred and since ns2 is in a different timezone it won't update until after an hour.
    I need to be able to make changes immediately and have it affect all the DNS servers simultaneously.

    Is that how it works or am I just confused? I had tried doing a service bind9 reload and restart and even rebooted ns2 but it would not accept changes.

  2. till

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    Time zones don't matter here as ispconfig checks pending changes by id. The most likely problem is that the slave cant connect to the ispconfig master database anymre. use ispconfig debugging on the slave.
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    Thanks for straightening me out on how it works

    Don't know what happened earlier but everything is working perfectly now on local ns1 and remote mirrors ns2 & ns3. You probably right that it could not connect. Will have to go back and check the logs and see if there was something going on earlier. The crisis was that customer needed that dns change immediately to connect to a new mail server and because the DNS server was not updating it was stopping everyone so you can imagine the yelling. Is it possible to manually update the individual bind records if needed in a pinch like today until I can do some troubleshooting? We have a few hundred domains in our DNS but nobody was having issues except this one domain I was trying to update.

  4. till

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    The DNS records are in the bind config files, so you can edit them on the slaves. But I recommend to check the master / slave connection in such a case as that's probably faster to fix than editing the config files manually.

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