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    I have a DMZ behind a smoothwall firewall. The smootwall can do port forwarding to the DMZ, but not host forward. I want to set up 3 virtual VMWare webservers with 3 different domainnames in the DMZ. The 3 domains are all DNS'ed to the same IP on the red (external) interface on the smootwall. How can I forward to the right server.
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    You cannot do that if you only have a single IP address on the red interface, I do not know if smoothwall supports it but the solution for your situation is to run a reverse proxy. Apache can easily be configured to do that using virtualhosts which in turn make requests to the 3 web servers in DMZ depending on which virtualhost is accessed.

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    I used pond

    Thank you for the tip.

    I set up a vmware virtual machine with a minimal debian 5.0 dedicated for pound reverse proxy.

    It was a very simple setup and it seams to work fine. All my servers is vmware virtual linux (LAMP) running om vmware server. With this I have a very flexible system, easy to change, and easy to backup.

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