Multiple IPs for OpenVZ containers

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by yucktoufoo, May 30, 2013.

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    What I am trying to achieve is this...

    The master ispconfig db is on the hardware node with a public and private ip address, I have a DB container on a private network only, a Webserver container and a mailserver container that both have public and private addresses. The mail and web should communicate with the DB server over the private network.

    I dont see any way to add additional addresses to the containers through ISPConfig?

    I added with vzctl but then the traffic to the DB is routed from the public address and the firewall on the DB container disallows it so I added the route...

    ip route add via src

    Which means the webserver can now connect to the DB server. This however results in a permissions issue when contacts the master, because of course when the ispconfig install was performed, the route did not exist so all of the permissions on the master were set for the public address.

    I guess I could change the server ip address in server config and/or grant the permissions on the master accordingly? but ultimately there must be a better solution because any change to the container config in the ispconfig interface blows away the second address assignment for the container.

    Maybe I am just missing something, anyone have any ideas?

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