multiple virtual web servers with one 1 public IP address

Discussion in 'General' started by adrenalinic, Oct 3, 2014.

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    I need to have two virtual server with the same public ip , the first one with apache2 and second one with nginx.

    Wich solution to have both vps serving the websites under the same :80 port?
    possibly without setting complex reverse proxy?


    I know that if I set in the vhost for each website the specific port like:
    ...etc.. I can have different website on different machines on the same Ip, but I want to use only the 80 port.

    Thanks for the attention.
    Best regards.
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  2. adrenalinic

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    If I have correctly understand,
    I will set a "master" vps server that will be visible from internet and this will pass the wan requests using the proxy to the two Lan vps.

    To be clear.. to do this, I only need to set apache2 with the mod_proxy, on a clean debian without ispconfig, .. and pass the wan url request to the lan server; and on the lan server set the virtual host on each vps (i'm using ispconfig with apache2 and ngin respective)

    Thanks for the support.
    Best regards
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    Solved! it works! :D

    Public VPS1: debian with only apache 2 installed
    VPS 2: Ispconfig with apache2
    VPS 3: Ispconfig with nginx
    VPS 4: FreeNas system

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