Multiserver ISPConfig Setup - Website Sync Issues (And more)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by bjtrammell, Mar 1, 2016.

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    I have two identical ISPConfig Servers, both running CentOS 7, stock programs from install, etc.
    Running CSF firewall on both machines, all ports are open.
    My first problem, which might be something I'm over looking is that every so often, the master will close all ports but still be accessible from the same subnet and it's local IP address, and I know it's not being blocked by CSF because I'd get an email about it (for the purpose of ensuring it was not that, I enabled email logging for everything). When I restart the network by doing "service network restart" everything seems to come back online. I know it's not the NIC as its a brand new adapter. This happens about every 12 or so hours, sometimes it's just completely random.
    The second issue, is that when I make changes on the master, the slave server is never actually synced. I know that ISPConfig uses a cron job to sync the files between the servers, but it's not actually syncing anything. I followed a tutorial I found here on HTF that suggested disabling the cron, and running the SH file directly to debug. That did not come back with any errors, however when I check the slave server for the updated file, it's not there. I don't see any errors, or anything that would lead me to believe that it's broken or not working. I have waited as long as 1 hour to see if it replicates (in case maybe i'm just being impatient) and it doesn't. Only when I clone the content of the web folder from the master to the slave (using a third party FTP client) do the changes actually show on the second server (both in a browser and in the file system).

    I am basically at my wits-end here, from everything I see, this setup should be working perfectly. I've also tried the ReSync feature in ISPConfig3, that says it syncs everything, but no changes are actually made. And before anyone suggests it might be a permissions issue, both servers (Master and Slave) have the same exact permissions (i made sure to check that before I even posted here). So I'm open to any suggestion.

    Hopefully someone out there has a solution to these mind-boggling issues!

    I forgot to add that these two servers are mirrored. The slave is supposed to be a mirror of the master. But most of you probably already assumed that. It's configured that way in the ISPConfig interface. Figured I'd at that in there as well.
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    ISPConfig is syncing the configuration of the servers, not files of websites. Files in websites get synced e.g. by unison or a cluster filesystem like glusterfs. Please see multiserver mirror tutorail.

    Regarding your general connection issue. most likely the ispcsrv* mysql user of the second server is not able to connect to the master mysql database. This happens when you close the mysql port or when the hosts files of both servers dont contain the hostnames adn IP of both servers (as described in multiserver installation tutorial).
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