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Discussion in 'General' started by luc.belliveau, Feb 1, 2017.

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    ISPConfig version 3.1.2, installed on Debian 8

    I wanted to setup add-on client templates to grant access to specific servers; however it appears choosing servers (at least for email, I didn't test the other ones) will only get applied if it is set in the master template, but not in add-on templates.

    If I create a master template with no email servers set, in a add-on template I add a email server, a client with those templates cannot create new mailboxes... the menu item does not appear. If I move the email server to the master template, things work as expected. When using multiple servers, if I set multiple email servers in the master template, the client has a drop down to choose which server - but if I only include 1 server on the master template, and specify additional servers in a add-on template - the client doesn't get a server dropdown when adding a mail domain.

    Based on the UI I don't believe this is intended behavior... is this a bug?

    Also if it was working, would we be able to add specific mailbox quotas on specific servers? (say clientX can use 1 gig on serverA, but 300 gigs on serverB)

  2. luc.belliveau

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