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  1. c3n

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    Hello guys.

    Because of prices of IP's i will finally have to make some adjustments in my cluster to reduce costs.
    - singel MASTER server
    - lots of SLAVE connected to MASTER
    Got 2 questions/issues:
    ==================(lower priority)
    FIRST ISSUE -> i want :
    1) to deatach SLAVE X server from mutliserver MASTER Y. Slave has got ALL services (MAIL, WWW, MYSQL) for this client.
    2) than create ISP panel on SLAVE X which will become single (now there is no panel because everything is in mulit/cluster) so client can maintain services and account on old ex-slave server
    3) change IP of the SLAVE X.
    (i need to migrate virtual machines but to do this i need to change IPs - i want to do this without reinstalling and migrating data, I cannot leave IPs because i got several classes which are 1/3 used and want make it more cost efficient)

    ==================(higher priority)
    SECOND ISSUE -> master Y and slave www, slave MAIL
    1) I got two servers for shared clients so i dont want to migrate those (WWW/MAIL) i want to leave as it is with multi server setup.
    2) both slave WWW and slave MAIL have dedicated IPs that wont change BUT...
    3) main MASTER IP will change. So after solving first ISSUE i want to leave two servers attached to MASTER but I need to change MASTER IP.

    I've read a lot of stuff here about how to do this. Earlier I just manually migrate or create new servers... now it is too much work and messing with angry clients that is why I want to deatach --> FIRST ISSUE and than fix last SECOND ISSUE.
    Because of f*** IPs prices I got lots of work before entering real problems with costs. So I am asking You what is the best way to do this. I am asking people who got production environment and did this safely.
    Regards, Maciej
  2. Taleman

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    I did not understand what you plan to do, but have you considered ISPConfig Migration toolkit? That is, create new servers, install OS and ISPConfig on them with the kind of multiserver setup you want, and with Migration toolkit copy the data from old setup to new. Then you can get rid of the old setup and free their IP-addresses.
  3. c3n

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    thanks for answer.
    I got several huge IP ranges which are used in 20%-30%. So I want to abandon those huge ranges from for example /28 to /30 the only way to do this is to change IP.

    my goal is to make it fast. If you want to migrate You need to create new server, and than migrate data, change DNS ... etc... this is huge. I got lots of VPS... If I can change IP on server and pin another FAILOVER IP i can copy virtual machine to another server and lunch it within minutes.

    So i can solve SECOND issue only with migration tool?

    Migration for me is so huge with all creating new servers etc. that in fact it is so much time i can rebuild this from sratch - that is what i want to avoid. The only thing i am afraid of is small clients from second issue...
  4. nhybgtvfr

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    for the second issue. once you've changed the master's ip, i believe all you need to do for the slave's is change the master servers ip in their /etc/hosts file and make sure the mysql master db connection details in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/ and /usr/local/isponfig/interface/lib/ are still correct.
  5. c3n

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    thanks. I will give it a try on beta environment connected to master.

    Is there a proper way to change SLAVE to SINGLE MASTER with ISP panel without migrating? Now it is headless without panel connected to master (cluster). If i disconnect this from cluster is there a proper way to create ISP panel? I want to switch most of servers to single and abandon multiserver fo 97% of VPS.
  6. nhybgtvfr

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    i don't think a slave can be converted to a master easily.. it's database doesn't contain the whole system configuration.

    the easiest and quickest method would be to install a new ispconfig standalone server and then use the migration tool to migrate the data from one (or more) of the slaves to this new server.
  7. c3n

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    thanks thats what i wanted to hear...
  8. c3n

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    Just for the record. I bought ISP migration tool and I recommend everyone to buy / support and use this tool. It is life saver! I managed to migrate various multiserver services on single server in steps picking directly which client and what to migrate. This tool is incredible. I wish i used it earlier.
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