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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Rabenkind, Feb 22, 2018.

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    When importing a Zonefile from a working DNSServer (also with bind) the ISPConfig-Webinterface says "Zone file imported sucessfully" however in the /etc/bind/ there only is a file pri.domain.tld.err and bind does not load the zone ...

    I did some experiments.
    1) When importing a Zone file the import mechanism kicks all records for NS ...
    2) EDIT: when entries do not have anything at the beginning the import does write a . (dot only) and writes a out-of-zone-error in the log.

    after correcting those manually the Zone-File works. ... However that is not managable for a couple of some hundered Zone-Files....

    If you try to import a zone-file (apart from the problems above) as a reseller - the server entry is not changeable as an admin....

    If you try to enter a Zone with the wizard - there is a field for IP-Adress. What is supposed to go there? the IP of the DNS or the A records IP or something else entirely?

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    The zone import works pretty well, it just does not support the way you have written your old zones with nothing at the beginning of the line, ISPConfig does not use that syntax and we don't support it to be imported.

    That's not related to admin or reseller at all. When a record is on a specific server (your master server), then you can not change that server to another master server.

    That's completely customizable, you might want to read the manual and look at the DNS zone template in the dns manager, there you can see in which sub-records the IP is used in detail. On a single server system, you simply put the server IP there or even disable that field in the template manager and set it in the template instead. On a multiserver system, you would want to customize the template anyway. So make yourself a bit more familiar before you complain.
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    actually that was my minor problem. my MAYOR problem is that my NS-records get trown away when importing a zone file.

    Any solutions? exept editing it manually?
    EDIT: i'll write myself a script

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