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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by ispcomm, May 2, 2014.

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    I upgraded my dns servers to (and also the main ispconfig server).

    It seems that there is a change in the handling of "empty" name in the rr records.

    Specifically, I have many zones and thousands records which have an "empty" name in the rr.

    they were automatically substituted for '@' until

    Now, they're left 'empty' and named complains failing to load the zone.

    The problem is caused by the 'MX' record, which in my case is:

    <empty> MX 10 mail

    and should be

    @ MX 10 mail.

    If I try to add '@' in the gui, the gui will not allow the '@' symbol in that field.

    I think that the '@' symbol should be allowed on RR.

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    Empty hosts were not replaced by a @ in ispconfig The problem that you get has a different reason, in ispconfig the ttl was not written for records, this has changed in and is causing issues now when you leave the host empty as BIND thinks that the ttl is the hostname.

    A patch for this issue has been released 2 days ago, you find it on the ispconfig patch page:

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