MyDNS Stack Smashing ubuntu 9.10 64

Discussion in 'General' started by DantePasquale, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. DantePasquale

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    I'm seeing this in my syslog:

    Mar 12 14:31:19 inferno mydns[5031]: *** stack smashing detected ***: /usr/local/sbin/mydns terminated
    Mar 12 14:31:19 inferno mydns[4125]: pid 5031 exited due to signal 6
    Mar 12 14:31:19 inferno mydns[4125]: Server pid 5031 died
    I've redownloaded and re-made, but same results.

    Thanks, Danté
  2. till

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    Not shure what the error is, but as alternative you can use BIND now instead of mydns with ispconfig 3.0.2. (if its a new installation we are talking about here) It should be enough then to remove mydns and install bind with:

    apt-get -y install bind9 dnsutils

    and then install ispconfig 3.0.2
  3. DantePasquale

    DantePasquale Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Thanks, I'll give it a try
  4. voidzero

    voidzero New Member

    Yes, I am going to move to bind as well. Haven't gotten around to it yet because of all the work involved (lots of DNS entries that I need to overhaul). Anyway, this message is to confirm that I have the same error with mydns... and when there is no working dns on my box means that a lot of processes run significantly slower. So I recommend everyone with these problems to step over to bind.

    Thanks till for adding bind support :)
  5. Fix for stack smashing in MyDNS-NG

    I really dislike the solution to switch back to bind9. So I searched for a solution and I found it.

    For fixing this problem, apply this patch, posted on the Mantis bugtracker of MyDNS-NG. It's a bug in the current MyDNS-NG version.

    - Download latest version of MyDNS-NG (
    - Extract archive
    - apply the patch, or use VIM to modify 2 lines the file src/mydns/udp.c
    - ./configure
    - make
    - stop the running MyDNS (/etc/init.d/mydns stop)
    - make install
    - start MyDNS (/etc/init.d/mydns start)

    After applying this patch I'm able to answer UDP-queries in IPv6 and there's no stack smashing any more. I'm using 2 servers (Ubuntu 10.04 x64 and 9.04 x64) and this patch works.

    For those who having .nl-domains, you can use the SIDN DNS-check ( to verify the usage.

    @till: I hope MyDNS will still be available in the upcoming versions of ISPconfig3.
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    There are no plans to abandon MyDNS.

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