mysite/phpmyadmin wants me to save/open a file?

Discussion in 'General' started by DVS, Nov 21, 2006.

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    Hey guy's,
    I've not had enough of this thing called "linux" :p

    So I'm trying out the MyDNS install with Debian 3.1 Sarge
    just like in the "Running A MySQL-Based DNS Server: MyDNS".

    I've been strugeling for 4 days now, but that is mostly due to
    our bad net.install.servers in SA...

    I also noticed that MyDNS is at 1.1.0 and not 1.0.0 any more.

    I chose apache 2 as web server and the installation ran smoothly
    up to page 2 : phpmyadmin
    "so you should be able to access it under"

    When I try to access the url it asks me where I would like to save/what I want to use to execute the file with...

    I'm guessing php4 and apache2 doesn't like each other?
    or php just didn't install as it should have?

    Can I swop to just normal apache?

    Anybody else experience this before? Quick fix?

    Thanks guy's.
  2. DVS

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    OK so I just decided to skip to the part where I have to install MyDNSConfig
    and forget about phpmyadmin and seems to be working.

    I can login and brows around - but I keep getting

    "ERROR: You don't have the permission to view this record or this record does not exist!"

    when trying to create a new SOA...then I go back a page and there it is listed.
    So I click on it and *boom* - same Error.

    Is there a method to the madness? Do you have to add data in a specific order?
    Maybe there is a user manual for MyDNSConfig some where that I just can't
    seem to find?
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