Mysql Aborted Connections

Discussion in 'General' started by pitchinnate, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. pitchinnate

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    I'm looking at mysql status variables and I see a large number of aborted connections. I tried restarting mysql service so the number would go back to 0 which it did. I then hit all the sites I have hosted (only about 5) and none of them seemed to cause an aborted connection. Then the ISPconfig cron job ran and it went up by two. I waited a minute for the cron to run again and sure enough it went up by two again. So it seems as though everytime the cron job runs it is causing two aborted connections in mysql any idea why that would be?
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    Please refer the thread, it might be useful to you.

  3. pitchinnate

    pitchinnate New Member

    Thanks for the link but no it isn't really helpful. The cronjob that is causing the problem is the actual ispconfig cronjob that runs every minute there are no other cronjobs setup. I guess I could look through Ispconfig's code and try to find the problem.

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