MySQL and Permissions and 'missing' db's

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by jsabarese, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. jsabarese

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    hello. Linux/ Fedora Core 5 newbie here. allow me to give you just a little background on me first. I'm in a weird place w/ a lot of this stuff (although i probably share this w/ many other Linux newbs) because i'm experienced w/ Apache & MySQL from my Linux hosting provider, and from my development servers on Windows, but of course-- it's pretty different when it gets down to it. Inevitably, although i've tried not to, i have passed-over some parts of tutorials (such as MySQL installations) because i felt i just knew what was going on, and i knew what settings i wanted. trouble is, the settings don't necessarily transfer over-- plus, it's the permissions that i'm inexperienced with, so i'm messing stuff up all the time.

    i've got apache and mysql going, and phpmyadmin is administering the databases just fine... but in my own php scripting for one of my projects which i brought over from Win to complete here in Linux-- i can't get the thing to connect to the database-- i'm getting this error:
    Table 'database_name.TABLE' doesn't exist
    now, it just occurred to me at this moment-- if i'm getting phpmyadmin to work-- then i must be okay on the permissions right? i've got all php and html docs under these folders:
    /var/www/html/phpmyadmin/(; index.php; etc)
    and mine
    so that's the situation. what i know is this (as logged in w/ MyUserAccnt):
    ** mysqld is up and running: root@localhost can do all it's supposed to (so far as i can tell)
    ** root@localhost w/ p/w in my own php scripting throws the error i've shown above (using myuserpass , not Linux rootpass-- this is correct, right?)

    what do you advise i do?
    thanks for reading!
  2. falko

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    Do the database database_name and in it the table TABLE exist?
  3. davekeogh

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    MySQL issue

    when you first log into mysql, and do a 'show databases' what is returned?

    If you then do a 'use <database name>;' what is returned?

    If the database is selected correctly what does ' show tables;' return?

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