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    I read some documents on HowtoForge site about mysql backup. recently I read 2 documents, 1 and 2 . In these documents was mentioned to consistent backup,one solution is "read lock and flush cache" and another is "replicated mysql ". Does not "mysqldump" built-in use "read lock and flush cache" and I have to apply manually ??
    That means, I can use mysqldump only mysql is stop, is it true?

    Thanks in advance
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    Thanks for your reply
    I already have read this article.
    On this article for consistent backup was mentioned to "replication", the slave mysql server,first stop and then mysqldump is run,that means mysqldump can not create consistent backup.
    If I am wrong please give about that.

    Thanks for more help or guidance
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    mysql consistent backup

    Yes I believe the that is true that the stop is used on a slave sql server in a master slave setup. In this type of setup it is ok to stop the slave take your backup or snapshot as it does not effect the master mysql server.

    There is an article on this forum addressing this:

    As well there is an article here on how to set up a Master/Slave mysql:

    There are methods that can be used to backup mysql consistently but they involve using either LVM file system or a ZFS file system in any case those methods freeze the file system for 1 to 4 seconds take a snapshot then unfreeze. This interruption on smaller systems is not noticable but on very large heavy transactional systems this could cause a problem hence the use of master/slave setups.

    Hope this helps


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