Mysql Binary Log?

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    Hey all,

    I'm asking this here because i view this community a little better than others.

    1. Is it worth turning on Binary Logs for mysql and take the performance hit? Or would full backups say every 2 or 3 hours be a bad idea?
    2. I know this differs for everyone but what is the "standard", or best practice frequency for binary logs.
    3. Is this turned on by default with the ispconfig install? I read on that mysql has to be started with a specific parameter in order to get the binary logs to work. So is this turned on by default, where do i check, where do i set this?

    Basically I'm just looking for your general thoughts and experience as I'm only used to doing full mysqldumps. Currently the db I'm concerned with isn't large at all but obviously over time this will no longer be the case. I don't want to take to much of a performance hit, or have a pain to restore stuff, so in that sense full backups are easier. But at what size db are full backups frequently no longer a good option?

    Thanks all.
  2. till

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    As far as know the purpose for binary logs is mainly replication, so I'am not sure if the can be used for backup purposes as well. Falko might be able to tell you more about it.

    If you want to have some kind of real time backup all the time you should consider to run a master slave setup (binary logs with a mysql slave server) so you can use the slave as backup for disaster recovery.
  3. Check

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    Maybe i misunderstood the article, Ill wait to see what Falko says.

    The master/slave is where I'm headed, but need to wait until my site is making a little more money. Hopefully i can move to 3.0 then as well...

    Thanks till
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