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    Nothing great..just to prevent others from to change the port ISPConig (2.2.3!!!!) uses to connect to MySQL. Use this before running ./setup in SuSE 10. Replace 30000 with your preferred port number.

    gawk '{ gsub(/3306/, "30000"); print }' ispconfig/lib/plugins/check_services_adm.plugin.php >tmp.txt
    cp tmp.txt ispconfig/lib/plugins/check_services_adm.plugin.php
    rm tmp.txt

    gawk '{ gsub(/3306/, "30000"); print }' ispconfig/lib/plugins/check_services.plugin.php >tmp.txt
    cp tmp.txt ispconfig/lib/plugins/check_services.plugin.php
    rm tmp.txt

    gawk '{ gsub(/3306/, "30000"); print }' scripts/lib/config.lib.php >tmp.txt
    cp tmp.txt scripts/lib/config.lib.php
    rm tmp.txt

    gawk '{ gsub(/3306/, "30000"); print }' scripts/shell/check_services.php >tmp.txt
    cp tmp.txt scripts/shell/check_services.php
    rm tmp.txt

    gawk '{ gsub(/i mysql/, "i 30000"); print }' setup2 >tmp.txt
    cp tmp.txt setup2
    rm tmp.txt

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