MySQL Probs after Debian install

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  1. asmadius

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    i've searched for 2 days trying to fix this. Didn't find the right answers yet. I followed the perfect_setup_debian_sarge (didn't install ISPconfig yet). I've done this the last time im March - with no probs. After installing everything, I did /etc/init.d/mysql restart to make sure it was running correctly, but I get the following error:

    I'v checked the logs, but I can't find a way to fix the prob.
    Here's the last part(s) of the log files:

    I've done this on a rented server which first gave me the same errors, so I decided to setup a test server @ home - the logs are almost the same.

    Thanx for any type of help.
  2. asmadius

    asmadius New Member

    :eek: OOPS!!!!
    I may have made a mistake installing. I did a dist-upgrade on both maschines. (this is very embarrassing to - bin using linux almost 10 years, debian about 8 months)

    on the pc @ home -- no mysql(client & server)

    on both -- libdbd-mysql-perl updated

    after this the MySQL server started just fine.

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