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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by erini, Jun 27, 2014.

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    I am currently trying to install ISPCONFIG on OpenSUSE 13.1 following this guide and I tried to enable mysql on boot as said on page 4, and I got this error message:

    " server:~ # systemctl enable mysql.service
    mysql.service is not a native service, redirecting to /sbin/chkconfig.
    Executing /sbin/chkconfig mysql on
    The unit files have no [Install] section. They are not meant to be enabled
    using systemctl.
    Possible reasons for having this kind of units are:
    1) A unit may be statically enabled by being symlinked from another unit's
    .wants/ or .requires/ directory.
    2) A unit's purpose may be to act as a helper for some other unit which has
    a requirement dependency on it.
    3) A unit may be started when needed via activation (socket, path, timer,
    D-Bus, udev, scripted systemctl call, ...). "

    Thank you

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