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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ajw_doc, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. ajw_doc

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    Was running some checks on my domains and they come up with a warning saying that the nameserver's are open for Zone Transfer.

    Anyone know what I need to update?


  2. edge

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  3. ajw_doc

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    Thanks edge - should I do what the later posts says and move everything into another file so it doesn't get overwritten?
  4. edge

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    No.. Just add
    to the /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/named.conf.master file.
    Make sure that you add it WITHIN the options { } area of the named.conf.master file. (as mentioned in post #4)
    The "/root/ispconfig/isp/conf/named.conf.master" is the master file. This is the file that wll create the "non-master" named.conf file.

    After doing this make a small change wihtin ISPconfig to force ISPconfig to read the change you made.
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    Thanks Edge :) Scan reading for you, missed that bit in post 2!

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