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    Can anyone tell me in very simple steps how to install ndiswrapper on Breezy Badger, please?
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    here you go....

    Install module-assistant and its dependencies:

    # apt-get install module-assistant

    Now you can start "module-assistant" and select the kernel modules you want, but to save time just follow the guide by typing:

    # module-assistant auto-install ndiswrapper


    Download and unpack the windows drivers, then type:

    ndiswrapper -i /pathto/your/drivers/inf
    ndiswrapper -l

    You should see something like:

    Installed ndis drivers:
    bcmwl5 driver present, hardware present

    Now to insert the module

    modprobe ndiswrapper

    If there are no errors you should check dmesg to ensure the driver loaded properly.


    Which should say

    ndiswrapper version V loaded

    If all of this is correct and everything loaded correctly then

    ndiswrapper -m

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