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    I am looking for a guide for setting up a proxy on my debian ispconfig server to forward certain domains to a plesk server. Both of my servers are on one external ip. This is my first attempt to do something like this so I need a very easy to follow guide. Could someone point me in the direction of such a guide?

    The reason for this need is that, as a rule, all of my websites reside on ispconfig but I have one that requires a windows server.

    *note... both of my servers are connected to a router with a disabled firewall. I use third party firewalls.

    Okay here is what I have done so far. I have loaded the proxy modules now what directive do I put into apache2.conf so that it will forward requests for to iis server located on ip Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Also one more thing...Do I need to install some sort of proxy on iis also?
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