Need a simple guide for setting up a basic two server failover?

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    Need a simple guide for setting up a basic two server failover

    Failover, High Availability, mirror, eh. Hopefully I used the correct terminology for what I want here. I have your basic cable internet connection with a standard 54g Netgear wireless router/access point, and I'm running a test server on it (Gutsy Gibbon Perfect Server).

    What I'd like is a second web server that takes over if the first server goes down (I think that's called failover?).

    Of course, I love all the fantastic HOWTOs that you guys have on the site, but there doesn't seem to be one for what I'm trying to do. I don't need a load balancer, and setting up MYSQL replication doesn't seem to be the entire answer. The HA Apache Cluster seems too much for my needs right now. I did do the rsync mirroring but that only mirrors the /var/www directory (and the mirror wouldn't take over if the first server went down).

    The closest thing I saw on the forums was high availability with two servers but even that person was trying to do load balancing and MYSQL replication.

    Can you guys steer me to a good simple solution?
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