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    I am setting up an ISPConfig3 system to replace a manually-configured Postfix/Courier system for ISP-style e-mail access. My ISPConfig install went quite smoothly, but I am left with one problematic issue. ISPConfig e-mail boxes need to be logged into with a [email protected] style address, but this particular box (will only be serving one domain) needs to accept username-only (with appropriate-password, of course) logins for IMAP and POP.

    Has anyone run into this before (seems likely to me), and is there any configuration advice on this? Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

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    if you check the table mail_user, that's the login name, unfortunately you can't change that field, else you won't have a valid mail address.

    however, you could try and change "MYSQL_LOGIN_FIELD email" to

    This should return you everything before the @ in the mail address.

    This is all pure theoretical, since i don't have a test environment at the moment to test it on ..

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