need some help please.

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by meomike2000, Oct 18, 2008.

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    need some help with dns please

    a little bit about the situation. i have followed the how to on how to set u perfect server on ubuntu 8.04 from this site. i have also setup and have a working dns nameserver for my network. i can access ispconf on the perfect server cause it has been added into my dns server. but when i add sites i can not see them. how do i fix this. any help or advice would be great. thanks in advance.
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    I post this in another, very busy, forum regurarly but I think it also applies here:

    It is advised to use a descriptive topic title; that means use a topic title that gives some clue about the content in the thread itself...

    A generic topic title like "noob here" or "need help" does not help at all. As you may have noticed, just about everyone posting in here has some kind of a problem or issue or question ;)

    Just imagine what these forums would look like if everybody would just post "Help" or "Noob here". What do you think how many people will still look at such threads?

    Furthermore, for unrelated questions it's also adviced to open a seperate thread for each one, so that each problem can be addressed (and eventually marked as solved) individually.

    Or in short terms: Help others to help you ;)
  3. falko

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    Did you create DNS records for the sites?

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