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    Hi all, please excuse this basic question. (below runs on Centos5, no gui)

    I'm using zoneminder with IP cameras, and found they put an immense strain on the local network (192.168.1.x). I rigged up a secondary router (10.0.1.x) for the cameras, and installed a second NIC on my camera server.

    My intention was to have the server "bridge" the connections via a route. The only way i was able to gain connectivity from computers on the 192 side was this:
    In the second NIC setup, i had to enter as the gateway (as opposed to, which is what my secondary router lives as).

    What I found was that I had successfully reduced the load on my primary network, but ZM performance was extremely slow.

    Here's my question: With my setup, is all traffic still routing from the 10.0.1.x network, through the router, and then to zoneminder?

    Is there a better way I can set this up? I like the idea of having the cameras on their own router for troubleshooting and security purposes.

    And again, please excuse my rudimentary question.
    Thanks in advance.
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    You said.
    "The only way i was able to gain connectivity from computers on the 192 side was this:"

    What else did you try?

    I'm guessing that you also added a route somewhere(to the workstations or the 192.x.x.x router) to 10.x.x.x via 192.x.x.x (Centos system 1st nic.)

    Hmmm... What gateway IP are your camera's using? the Centos system or the other router?

    Does the 10.x.x.x router go somewhere else? If not, then perhaps you can set the outside of the 10.x.x.x router in the 192.x.x.x network and point the 10.x.x.x traffic to that router instead of the Centos system 1st nic.

    You may(will) need to enable routing on the Centos system for it to forward packets. It is likely off by default. I'm no help with that. Perhaps setting the 192.x.x.x as a gateway IP is a workaround to turning on routing.

    What does zm performance is slow mean? Do the images in zm appear to be behind real time?

    How many IP cameras are you using? I'm setting up a new Fedora 12 x86 64 system with Zoneminder (my old one with 6 cameras) runs with a load average around 4-5. And it is horribly slow. I'll be installing about 6 or 8 more cameras.
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