New email users doesnt work

Discussion in 'General' started by kaneda, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. kaneda

    kaneda New Member

    We are having some problems with new email users, old users works fine, but the new accounts cannot login into webmail neither send or receive email, but if you check it at database the accounts exists in table is_is_users or something like that.:(

    Any idea about what could be happening? We cannot add any new email accounts. Any help very appreciated. Thanks a lot.
    Version was updated about july to 2.2.13
  2. kaneda

    kaneda New Member

    Answering to myself

    It was like some user data was not filled properly, some accounts created more recently was like blocked perhaps incorrect creation.

    Restart ispconfig
    Restart postfix
    Delete recent accounts that doesnt work and make it again.
    And all appears to work fine.


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