New external DNS mirror is not seeing the domains it has in /etc/bind

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    I have a multiserver system with 3 DNS servers, 1 primary and 2 mirrors of the primary. When I do a Tools -> Rsync all the records get correctly copied to all 3 dns servers into /etc/bind folder. To test before we go live I ran nslookp and use the SERVER command to attach to all 3 DNS servers one at a time. The Primary DNS server and 1 of the remoter servers work correct and it resolves from the doimain records in /etc/bind.

    However, one of the remotes does not see these domains and gives an error:
    *** [] can't find Query refused

    Its acting like someone is trying to use recursion to resolve an external domain.
    Any ideas what happened? They are both running Jessie 8.4.


    PLEASE DISREGARD. modified /etc/resolvf.conf and rebooted and its working now
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