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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by seoirse, Apr 1, 2009.

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    I have installed ISPConfig v3 onto fresh install of openSUSE v11.1. No problems with install.

    I have begun to setup two websites, each with one or two ftp users. but the usernames are not as entered.

    the edit user screen appears to have a variable called "[CLIENTNAME]" showing before the field for "username"

    after entering two users, the list user screen show two users both with the prefix "default" added to their usernames, so users name was entered as "admin", the list shows username as "defaultadmin"

    what is wrong here? What can I do to overcome this?


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  2. seoirse

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    my own answer to my question

    I think this is the answer. Some fields like ftp username can have a set prefix, perhaps to distinguish them more when using them at the CLI level.

    To change this prefix, go to System - Interface Config. This is where the ftp user prefix can be changed to something meaningful like nothing or to "ftp_"

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    You should leave the placeholder in the prefix, there is a good reason for that. All usernames on servers are unique for the server and not just the site or client, so without the prefix or with the prefix that you suggested above you can have just one user named e.g. "admin" on the whole server and not one admin per client.

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