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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ashleykaryl, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. ashleykaryl

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  2. falko

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    Should be no problem. I think you can use it in the global Apache configuration, or otherwise you can use the Apache Directives field in ISPConfig to include the needed directives in your vhost.
  3. drewb0y

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    I installed it on mine just to see what it does. It actually seemed to slow down the loading of my Roundcube webmail pages. At least initially, anyway. I will test it out during the day and see if there is any noticeable difference.

    As a side note, using firebug and the pagespeed extension for firefox to analyze my Roundcube webmail pages, it suggested using compression like mod gzip would improve loading some elements by 70% or so.

    I will now investigate whether mod gzip will have any impact on load.
  4. ashleykaryl

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    I am doing some more research now and will be curious to hear your feedback as well.
  5. drewb0y

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    OK, apparently mod_gzip is for older apache and mod_deflate is used for apache2. Mod_deflate is enabled by default, but i suppose it is only configured to compress certain directories, like a client website /var/www/clientx.

    So the question now is how to enable compression for other directories like my roundcube directory which is in /usr/share/roundcubemail?

    My server is set up only as a mailserver currently, and I have the default page pulling up webmail login. So if someone goes to it goes to the login. I actually have no domains or sites set up other than the default. It is pointed to roundcube by a simple softlink in /var/www/.

    index.php -> /usr/share/roundcubemail
    webmail -> /usr/share/roundcubemail
    I am thinking this is why the pagespeed analysis tells me that compression is not enabled. Because my roundcube directory is outside of the normal path.

    Now I just need to figure out where to modify that path.
  6. falko

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